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Presented at the : 22nd.First prize winner choreography competition rencontre franco-italienne Bolzano, Italy 1990 First prize winner choreography competition and Price for Best Dance and Interpretation International Dance and Choreography Competition beato angelico Rome, Italy 1990 Best Performance of the Year Tucson, Arizona, USA, 2001 background Native of Guspini.How to avoid lower back injuries.A benefit for the UNA Universidad Nacional compania da camara Danza-UNA Costa Rica 2006 Isola full-length performance a roundtrip to America and back again with meditations on isolation.This Week, map -, are you sure?Anna Maleras International Workshops, barcellona, Spain, cAT -Centro Andaluso de Teatro.Bitte halte ihre Identität geheim.Created for Balletto di Sardegna and premiered in Cagliari, Italy at the 26th Festival of New Dance El resto de las cosa full-length performance in residency for experimentadanza LA Coruna- spain Premiered in Montemoro Portugal Nov.New York City, USA June 2002 Fervidamente full-length performance with a cast composed by 19 women and 1 man.A parallel interest in martial rencontre psg barcelone arts led him to the study and performing of Japanese Kabuki Theatre, as well as traditional theatre, expressive movement, and acrobatics.In this way he hoped to incorporate into the Dance the power of the dancers physical and cultural idiosyncrasies.

Tel Aviv, Israel, dansens Hus, copenhagen, Denmark stitute of Performing Arts, bombay, India.Sevilla, Spain, colombo Dance Factory, zurich, Switzerland, pelouro.In 1988, he completed his professional certification at Compagnia Italiana di Danza Contemporanea directed by Renato Greco in Rome, on a full scholarship from the Lazio Region.keeping the excitement of the first show.How to fight the fear of lifting and being lifted.Nein, ja, wirst du ein Kondom benutzen wenn du ein Treffen mit jemandem von dieser Seite hast?Bist du damit einverstanden?Kannst du die Identität von diesen Frauen geheim halten?Partnering workshops: in those workshops guido teaches: -How to direct the weight and the energy of the body into a lift.Among those: UNA Universidad Nacional, heredia, Costa Rica, asmed (Sardinian Assoc.
To further that aim, Guido makes sure that people of all ages, shapes, and races perform El velo de la novia full-length performance a drama based on a Costa Rican legend of an impossible love.
Segunda-feira 20 events: 411, terça-feira 21 events: 359, quarta-feira 22 events: 486, quinta-feira 23 events: 517, sexta-feira 24 events: 698, sábado 25 events: 1031, domingo 26 events: 811.