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The attack delayed the sailing of the Spanish Armada by a year.
Citation needed The city has very little vacant land, and a high proportion of its housing stock is relatively low in density.
Plaza de Candelaria edit The Plaza de Candelaria is named after the Candelaria convent, situated in the square until it was demolished in 1873, when its grounds were redeveloped as a plaza.
It had an oracle and was famed for its wealth.It sits on the site of an older cathedral, completed in 1260, which burned down in 1596.Cádiz, one of eight which make up the autonomous community of, andalusia.It became a diocese in 1263 after its Reconquista (reconquest) from the Moors.All construction is prohibited.The old town is characterized by narrow streets connecting squares ( plazas bordered by the sea and by the city walls.In addition, the city is dotted with numerous parks where exotic plants flourish, including giant trees supposedly brought to Spain by Columbus from the New World.A 17th-century watchtower, the Tavira Tower, still commands a panoramic view of the city and the bay despite its relatively modest 45 meters (148 ft) height.La Caleta and the boulevard show a lot of resemblance to parts of Havana, the capital city of Cuba, like the malecon.
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Plaza de San Francisco and San Francisco Church and Convent edit San Francisco church Located next description homme site de rencontre to Plaza de Mina, this smaller square houses the San Francisco church and convent.
Citation needed Population density edit The population distribution of the municipality is extremely uneven.