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"A multilevel meta-analysis of studies reporting correlations between the h-index and 37 different h-index variants".
"On the Predictability of Future Impact in Science".
The h -index serves as an alternative to more traditional journal impact factor metrics in the evaluation of the impact of the work of a particular researcher.Please direct libpng comments and questions to the png-mng-implement mailing list.This bug may be fixed in version.2.36, released, but the correct fix is in version.2.37, rencontre motard 52 released Vulnerability Warning All versions of libpng from.89c through.2.34 contain an uninitialized-data bug that can be triggered by a malicious user."Generalized Hirsch h-index for disclosing latent facts in citation networks".20 21 The h -index has been found in one study to have slightly less predictive accuracy and precision than the simpler measure of mean citations per paper."The h index and career assessment by numbers".Tol ; Tol (2008).Thorel (2015) Morphological modeling of a metal foam sofc configuration editor ECS Transactions.1.
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Jeulin (2011) Large-Scale computations of effective elastic properties of rubber with carbon black fillers editor International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering.3.See the bottom of this page for warnings about security and crash bugs in versions up through libpng.6.31.Jeulin, H; Trumel (2015) 3D Morphological modeling of a polycrystaline microstructure with non-convex, anisotropic grains editor Acta Stereologica (online Proceedings of the 14th International Congress for Stereology and Image Analysis (icsia Liège (Belgium).Vulnerability Warning Virtually all libpng versions through.6.14,.5.19,.4.13,.2.51, and.0.61, respectively, have an out-of-bounds memory access in png_user_version_check.Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Springer) 9082, 535546.This is not quite as bad as it sounds since the two-byte header can be corrected fairly easily (e.g., use pngcrush to rewrite the images and, perhaps, compress them slightly better, or run the png-fix-idat-windowsize utility bundled with pngcheck.1.0 or later but some applications.Willot (2011) Simulation of 3D granular media by multiscale random polyhedra International Congress of Stereology, Beijing (China).In addition to the main library sources, all of the.2.x/1.4.x/1.5.x/1.6.x/1.7.x series include the rpng, voir de belles femmes de l'inde rpng2 and wpng demo rencontre republique dominicaine avec photos programs, the pngminus demo program, a subset of Willem van Schaik's.39 A generalization of the h -index and some other indices that gives additional information about the shape of the author's citation function (heavy-tailed, flat/peaked, etc.) has been proposed.46 An s-index, accounting for the non-entropic distribution of citations, has been proposed and it has been shown to be in a very good correlation with.The permeability of Boolean sets of cylinders editor, oil Gas Science and Technology.4.
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