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Daniel García Andújar is a visual media artist, activist and art theorist from Spain that lives and works in Barcelona.
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It currently reaches an audience of around 1m and raise around 30,000 per-film in direct audience sponsorship.
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NEW intermediaries Jamie King has a background in writing and academia, a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Southampton, was editor at Mute Magazine and a writer for ITN.Leela is fascinated with the creative energy and cultural freedom within the digital sphere.He published in 2001 Quitter la Gravité, the french anthology on the Association of Autonomous Astronauts.She is member of Constant, a Brussels based association for Art and Media.Her PhD thesis is devoted to an analysis of issues of plagiarism (and the fight against it) in the current literary field (see: Copyright Matters: Imitation, Creativity and Authenticity in Contemporary Chinese Literature, Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, 2010, and Reich der Fälscher oder Land der Kreativen? .The Chaleur Bay 36, route d'Escuminac Flats, escuminac, Québec G0C 1N0, website.Don't forget to try Gaspésie winter comfort food, to savour together with friends, with the pleasure of snuggling by the fire.Femke co-initiated the design- and research team Open Source Publishing (OSP) and is currently coordinating the Libre Graphics Research Unit, a network of four European medialabs that investigates the many interrelations between tools and practice.Common good, funding replicability reproducibility research drivers, research method, this post was viewed 273 times.Hes been involved in several performance art projects with Soopa Collective and others.His forthcoming monograph with Polity offers a history of the Social Web and its Orwellian economies.
Funding THE commons, olivier Schulbaum realizes projects, where the social uses of ICTs and networking are applied to enhance communication, self-training, social entrepreneurship, and citizens organisation.
In 2003, he received with the Acoustic Space Lab collective the Leonardo New Horizons Award for their project around the conversion of a former soviet giant radiotelescope in Latvia.